Autistic, ADHD, and PDA Adults

ADHD · Autistic Adults · Those Suspecting Autism or Self-Diagnosed · Twice Exceptional · Complex PTSD · Gifted

Accepting Who You Are, Rather Than Changing Who You Are

When working with Neurodivergent adults (including: Autistic Adults, Autistic Relationships, PDA, ADHD), themes of inadequacy, struggles with communication, not feeling “normal”, and wondering if your needs are valid often come up in session. If your partnership is made up of one person who is Neurotypical and one who is Neurodivergent, this can cause specific challenges. Many Neurodivergent adults have learned how to mask in order to pass as Neurotypical and meet the expectations of society. We work together to understand how to unmask, and to help you live from a place of self-expression and authenticity. We’ll overcome obstacles and work towards accepting yourself for who you are, unique and beautiful, rather than trying to change to avoid alienation and pain.
This therapy specialty is for:
  • Autistic Adults
  • Late identified, high-masking Autistics
  • ADHD
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance or Persistent Drive for Autonomy
  • Complex-PTSD (C-PTSD)
  • Individuals in relationships with Neurodivergent partners
  • Suspected or Self-Diagnosed Autism
  • Twice Exceptional (Gifted and Autistic)
  • Asperger’s Profile
  • Gifted With Social Anxiety or Perfectionism
  • Family Members of Neurodivergent Loved Ones
Neurodivergent Adults

Therapy Tailored To How You Learn Best

I increase mind and body self-awareness and confidence using techniques that fit your neurodivergent needs, with full acceptance and understanding. I use a variety of methods to match your preferred learning style throughout our therapy sessions of psychoeducation.

“I teach people how they can support themselves in a new, empowering way.”

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