Therapy for Complex Trauma in Chicago and Illinois

Communication Struggles · Self-Destructive Behaviors · Trust Issues · Over Submissiveness · Perfectionism · PTSD · Grief

Enjoy Deeper Connections With The Ones You Love and Yourself

Humans are built to have meaningful connections and relationships, but it’s not always easy. We’ll help you build the skills to allow raw emotions that are uncomfortbale or painful, like fear, shame, and anger to come up without shutting down or pushing others away.
Adults Who:
  • Struggle to make meaningful connections
  • Have difficulties with their spouse/partner
  • Struggle with clear & honest communication
  • Worry about abandonment
  • Struggle to be emotionally vulnerable & trust
  • Manage other people with over pleasing
  • Engage in self-destructive behaviors like gambling, excessive drinking, or eating
  • Family of Origin Conflict
Explore Your Inner Child

Explore Your Inner Child

Through exploring your experiences with your first built relationships with your mother, father, siblings, and others we’ll build a foundation of understanding the roots of your unhealthy coping mechanisms and practice new ways to connect that are more supportive to your authentic self.

“Having meaningful relationships means having a meaningful life.”

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